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    Supernatural 9x19 Promo - Alex Annie Alexis Ann [HD] 

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    I can’t believe one of the supernatural writers wrote this they literally gave metatron a bunch of lines about what bad writing is AND IT DESCRIBES THE SUPERNATURAL WRITERS

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    Fuck you, Metatron.

    The entire Supernatural fandom almost always but definitely today (via dykeadellic)

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    i love how everyone on the show is like “sam wants you to die, dean” while Sam always grabs for his brother whenever danger comes to protect him. 

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    yeah but the real question is how is sam

    answer: no one seems to give a fuck and that is INFURIATING.

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    Wow, never has an episode of Supernatural made less sense to me.

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    Psychological warfare.  Smart, Gadreel - it has worked on Dean in the past.

    Except one thing Gadreel - Dean KNOWS Sam loves him.  And that’s the voice he listened to in NOT killing you.

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    If these mind games work after what Sam did in Swan Song I’m just gonna sigh forever.

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